Jewelry & Watch Appraisals

Chaumet Art Deco NecklaceWe provide complimentary appraisals for items bought from Greenleaf & Crosby. These will be based on the information we have in our records unless we also have the opportunity to examine the item at the time of appraisal.

We charge by the hour for appraisals of items not purchased from us. Our fee is $250 per hour with a minimum of $125 for appraisals that take half an hour or less.  We appraise most jewelry and watches, but if we feel, for some reason, that an object is not within our area of expertise we will recommend that the customer consult a different appraiser.

Customers may bring in items for appraisal any time during business hours or arrange to ship them to us. We will issue a receipt for the items that documents what we have in our care.

Depending on the number and complexity of the items and our current appraisal schedule, appraisals generally take between a few days to two weeks to complete. Please inquire, and we can give you a more specific estimate based on your items.

Greenleaf & Crosby Appraisals

Important Limitations
Unless you provide us with documentation, the carat weights of mounted gemstones will be approximate. The only way to determine the exact weight of a gemstone is to weigh it directly. If a stone is mounted we can calculate an estimated weight for it based on its dimensions, but there is always a margin of error. Diamond grades will also be approximate unless the customer provides a report from a recognized gem laboratory.

To learn more about jewelry and watch appraisals at Greenleaf & Crosby, please contact us at (561)655-5850.